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Beyond the arc: the disrespect is real

Tech basketball predicted to finish...wait for it...NINTH in the Big 12 Conference.

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The full non-conference schedule is released

The schedule is finally set! And man it is a great schedule. Personally, Duke has to be my top game but that interesting game against Memphis could be a lot of fun.

The home games are truly awful minus Arkansas, but Beard will get the big names to Lubbock. It’ll take time, but soon the USA will be a premier stop for teams looking to beef up their schedule.

Could we get anymore disrespected?

Our BPI is out, and of course it is absolute trash. In essence, despite bringing in top JUCO and high school recruits the nerds think we will miss the NCAA tournament by a mile.

Even more insulting, we would project out to be the 9th place team in the Big 12. Last year Beard and co. made them all wrong, and we should expect that to happen again.

I already wrote about our expectations for next season, but you have to wonder why the disrespect? Plenty of programs bring in JUCO and high school guys to reload and are never knocked for it.

Beard is going to keep the defense going, and with Mooney and Owens coming in this offense should be even better than last years. I’m not saying there is a conspiracy going on, but the pundits are very reluctant to accept Tech basketball is here to stay.

All I can say is, come to the USA and take it. We are here to make noise, you can count on it.