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Red Raider Ravioli: the only 5 games Texas Tech will win in 2018

Negative record coming? The Italian side of the moon thinks so.


Welcome back to another edition of RRR. I’m glad we are less than a month away from the beginning of the season, first of all, because I’m running out of topics for this column, but also because I really need football.

You know, I really need it. I even downloaded (and watched) that NFL Hall of Fame game that happened a couple of days ago, with Baltimore and Chicago battling with their second, third and fourth stringers. It’s a sort of abstinence.

By the way, let’s jump into today’s things. Last week, I issued a second poll concerning the football team and the victories it will reach in 2018. In the first one, the most part of the voters thought it will win 7 or more games, so I raised up the bar to 8 or more. And we found some equilibrium, as the result was the following.

I always said that in my opinion, these numbers are too high for my expectations, so today I’ll be more detailed and I’ll list the only five games the Red Raiders will win this year. I know that it sounds like “6 things not to order at McDonald’s” or “3 lamps that will fit well in your living room”, but I am really convinced about what I’m saying.

1- Lamar

It won’t be a hard challenge, as the Cardinals only won two games in 2017 and managed to obtain some not-so-brilliant results, like losing by 45 points at North Texas.

2- Houston

The Red Raiders won in Houston last year and the Cougars lose too many offensive pieces, despite they still have Ed Oliver. Consequently, the balance of power between these two teams won’t change and Texas Tech will have its second win of the year.

3- Kansas

46 points of difference can’t be erased in a season, so I don’t think the Jayhawks (who are 3-33 in the last three years) will be a threat. Ok, they’re far more experienced than last year’s team, but the difference of talent is there and has to unveil.

4- @ Iowa State

I still haven’t digested last year’s loss. This 31-13 is something I didn’t like because I don’t think between Texas Tech and Iowa State there’s a difference of two touchdowns and a half. Despite playing in Ames, the Red Raiders will have the occasion to show that the 2017 game is something they left behind them.

5- Baylor

The Bears will be better this season (and if you’d say it’s hard they will be worse, I’ll agree with you). That said there’s a quality difference between the two teams, as Baylor is only beginning its rebirth process, and it will appear.

I know that many of you could have higher expectation, and I’d really like to know where, in your opinion, the Red Raiders have some possibilities to increase their number of victories.

Alla prossima!