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2OT: How much do neutral site games matter?

In terms of recruiting and exposure, neutral site games could potentially matter more than some home games.

The Thought: Neutral site games matter more in terms of recruiting than a average home game. The fact that almost any recruit can get an invite makes it the place to be on that given weekend. Being around the team also gives recruits a deeper look at what being a Red Raider on the field means.

Texas Tech v Baylor Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Take: The fact that we get two of these games are incredible this season as the team has only four true road games all season long. The fact that any recruit can come be a part of the action without taking an official visit is great for the exposure of the program and for the recruits themselves. With 44 recruits set to be at NRG Stadium on Saturday for the game against Ole Miss. According to the school, any recruit that wants tickets can be given access to them, and that a ton of recruits have obviously taken advantage of that opportunity. The 44 guys that will be attending the game as recruits will be much more than attend any one home game for the Red Raiders. Not only will these recruits get to see a game up close, they will also get to see the team play a big time game that will be on national television.

Texas Tech v Baylor Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

Not only do the Red Raiders get to have a neutral game to begin the season, but to end it as well. One of the things that Kliff Kingsbury and Kirby Hocutt have done very well over the past couple of years is gaining big time neutral site games in the hot spots for recruiting in the state. This year not only does the program have two neutral site games, but they are in the two biggest talent pools in the state, Houston and Dallas. This could be a huge boost to recruiting compared to other teams such as Texas getting one game at the Cotton Bowl against Oklahoma or teams like TCU that get no neutral site games.

What do you all think of neutral site games? Let us know in the comment section below!