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NCAA 14: Finding a quarterback and finding my footing

This week, we take on the the Ole Miss Rebels!

Texas Tech v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

DISCLAIMER: Before we start, I want to let everyone know that this will not necessarily be following how the team operates this season. The players on our team will be the same, but due to the game losing a bit of popularity over the last couple of years, I could not find downloadable rosters for a good number of teams. Hope you all enjoy!

Hello and welcome to the first NCAA 14 game of the season against Ole Miss! In the inaugural posting of Viva The Matadors NCAA 14, you will be seeing the actual game film recorded when I played against Ole Miss. The game was a good one as I won’t reveal the final score so that you all can find out for yourself. The first half of the game is displayed below.

Game Difficulty: I will be playing this game on All-American (2nd highest) difficulty. I believe this would be a good starting point for me as I have decent experience in this game. After playing a game on this difficulty, I haven’t decided whether to change the difficulty what do you all think?


Should I raise the difficulty on NCAA 14?

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Quarterback Situation: So, the main topic heading into the season was the quarterback position. This has been a question for me as well heading into the season. On this game, I rated all three quarterbacks at 78 Overall and gave them each 2 possessions to prove that they deserve to stay in the game. One (not telling who it is) did much better than the other two and ultimately ended up being one of the bigger bright spots in this game. Below is the second half of the game.

Overall Game Views:

Jett Duffey is my guy going forward. Although he doesn’t have the accuracy of the other two, he is the best athlete and that is a big part of how I run the offense. The running game was stagnate with just Da’Leon Ward running the ball. Once Duffey got in the game, that all changed as he amassed 99 yards on the ground in the game. There were a couple of very errant and inaccurate throws, but the offense ran more smoothly with him. Alan Bowman will serve as the backup as he also led a scoring drive in the game before throwing an interception. McLane Carter will be the third string guy as the offense seemed stagnant with Carter behind center.

The defense is led by the linebackers. Between Jordyn Brooks and Dakota Allen, the group tallied 20 tackles. Allen also made a couple of good plays in coverage as he is the highest rated player on this team. This defense’s ability to get back in the game started with the two guys in the middle as they both were flying around the field all game. Eli Howard also stepped it up with 2 sacks on the day. The defensive line as a whole played very well in my eyes, getting a push on the line in the second half of the game the pressured the opposing quarterback.

That’s all I have for you all this week. Please leave your input with the following poll question:


What would you rather see out of this series?

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