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Defensive player of the preseason: Dakota Allen

Was there any doubt?

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Dakota Allen is the face of this program, and there really could not be a better one. For one, he is insanely talented. I would argue there is not a better pure linebacker in the country, but at the worst he is in the top five. And the national pundits are noticing how good he is.

He also captured the heart of the nation through his story on Last Chance U, and is one of the shows brightest success stories. He is a great young man, and a great leader.

On the field, he is an absolute torment for offenses. He recorded over a hundred tackles, two sacks, three QB hurries, two interceptions, a forced fumble, and four pass breakups. That stat line is about as impressive as you could possibly have.

Going in to this season, Allen is the star of the show. If he produces like he did last year, this defense will take another step forward. God forbid if he actually get better. If that happens, offensive coordinators will never stop having nightmares of #40 ruining their game plan.