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The 2OT: How much is a team willing to sacrifice to get the W?

A little over a week left before the start of the season and the college football world is in a state of chaos

The Thought.

We are a little over a week away from the start of college football season, and some of the top programs in the country are facing some serious allegations. If you haven’t been keeping up, here’s a list of the latest college football scandals:

The University of Maryland placed its football coach, D. J. Durkin, on administrative leave while it investigates accusations about mistreatment of players that surfaced after offensive lineman Jordan McNair collapsed during a May workout and died weeks later.

Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer was placed on paid leave after ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy reported Meyer’s potential knowledge of a 2015 domestic violence claim against former Buckeyes assistant Zach Smith. Since then, a whole series of allegation against Smith have arisen.

The most recent scandal hits a little closer to home. Former Texas A&M linebacker Santino Marchiol is alleging that Texas A&M violated multiple NCAA rules under coach Jimbo Fisher, who hasn’t even coached his first game at Texas A&M.

These are just the latest scandals in an ever growing list of issues. Programs just turn a blind eye to off-field problems because nothing is more important than winning. Kliff Kingsbury, on the other hand, takes immediate action when needed even if it means losing his star player.

The Take.

The instant Kingsbury was hired in 2012 he made sure players and fans knew that his players would be held to the highest standards, and he has kept that promise. The program is not without it’s faults.

In June 2014, corner back Nigel Bethel II punched a member of the Texas Tech Lady Raider basketball team, Amber Battle, during a basketball game. He was immediately dismissed from the team and the university. He was eventually allowed to return after Battle admitted she instigated the incident and asked for his reinstatement, but that doesn’t change the fact that Kingsbury didn’t just give Bethel a slap on the wrist and forgot about the incident.

Of course we all remember Dakota Allen’s incident in 2016. Allen along with Trace Ellison and Robert Castaneda broke into a home and were arrested that January. All three were kicked off the team even though Texas Tech defense really needed Allen. Thankfully, Allen was able to return to help the Red Raiders, but only after a short stay at Last Chance University and a special request to return.

In March, quarterback Jett Duffey, wide receiver Quan Shorts, defensive back Desmond Smith and linebacker Christian Taylor were all arrested on criminal mischief charges following a disturbance in front of a night club. All four were suspended until an investigation was concluded. This was not Duffey’s first arrest or suspension.

The Texas Tech team is not perfect, but I certainly appreciate Kingsbury taking action before Texas Tech takes a more serious hit. Though all were eventually allowed to return to the team, the important thing was they were suspended until an investigation took place. He didn’t wait to see if people noticed. He didn’t turn a blind eye. He didn’t go out of his way to keep it out of the news. He took action and probably sacrificed a few wins. Dakota Allen is one of the best defensive players in college football today. I bet Kingsbury would have really appreciated having him on the team that 2016 season, but the good name of Texas Tech University was more important to him. So thank you Coach Kingsbury for putting our university first.