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Is Matt Campbell on his way out of Iowa State

Campbell’s departure would be a hit for the Big 12 but might be a plus for the Red Raiders

TCU v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Recently there has been a lot of turmoil in Buckeye country. There are allegations that head coach Urban Meyer was aware that a member of his coaching staff assaulted his wife on more than one occasion. Although that staff member has been recently fired, the question remains when Coach Meyer found out. He has claimed that he had no knowledge of the situation until recently. However, others are claiming that he knew about the assault as early as 2015. As a result, Coach Meyer has been placed on paid administrative leave which has lead many to speculate that his time as the Ohio State coach has come to an end.

One of the names that have come up as a replacement is Iowa State’s Head Coach Matt Campbell. Campbell is a young coach on the rise and has the Iowa State program trending in the right direction after only two years at the program.

The loss of an up and coming coach is not good news for the Big 12 as it continues to try to elevate the brand of the conference and compete with the SEC. If Campbell were to leave for Ohio State this would set the Iowa State program back again and knock it from the middle of the Big 12 to the bottom. One of the main reasons the Big 12 is not seen as the premier football conference like the SEC is because of the lack of depth across the league which would be highlighted with a program like Iowa State taking any steps back.

However, it must be said that how the conference is viewed ultimately will be determined by the big hitters in the conference, Texas and Oklahoma. How they go so goes the conference. Over the past several years Oklahoma has done their share to help the conference but our friends in Austin have struggled mightily. I am sure many of us are crying ourselves to sleep over their misfortune.

Ultimately, as Red Raider fans Campbell leaving the Big 12 can only help. It is one less program fighting to get to the top of the Big 12. The Red Raiders currently sit right next to or right behind Iowa State in terms of football program condition. I would love to have a weaker Iowa State team in the Big 12 as we try to build our program up. What do you think, should Tech fans buy plane tickets to Columbus, Ohio for the Campbell family?