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Red Raider Ravioli: Tim Tadlock’s extension and other fun facts

The baseball manager was one of four head coaches receiving new contracts. And that’s an awesome news.


our football clock says we’re less than three weeks away from the first game of the season. But today we won’t focus on football, as another news broke in on Friday: head baseball coach Tim Tadlock, director of track & field/cross country Wes Kittley, head men’s golf coach Greg Sands and head women’s tennis coach Todd Petty all received new contracts.

Maybe Tadlock is the most known amongst these four coaches, and I won’t bother you with all their extraordinary results. If you want to have more details, you can follow this link and read the press release the university released on Friday.

These extensions followed by five months the new contract basketball head coach Chris Beard inked with the school in March, a $19.05 million, 6-year contract.

These five moves are particularly welcome in this period of the year. Is there something extraordinary in extensions to coaches? No, there isn’t. But I’m convinced these ones a symbolic significance.

Baseball, track and field/cross country, basketball, men’s golf and women’s tennis are some of the most brilliant school programs. Seeing their coaches are happy to sign long-term contracts instead of looking for other jobs in other “higher profile” universities is something that cannot leave us impassive.

To me, it seems some years ago Texas Tech began a growth process that wanted to elevate the program into something bigger, and not only an average program where young coaches could shine before taking more important jobs (and salaries, it goes without saying).

And the results many sports reached in these last years are here to show this process is bearing fruit.

In order to complete this beautiful picture of good things in which everything is fine, I’d add a small thing concerning our football head coach, but I know I’d become more unpopular than I am already.

Alla prossima!