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Beyond the arc: Big time rule changes, and some bad news

Changes are a coming.

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The NCAA adjusts its draft rules

There are new rules for the draft going forward. The biggest and most interesting changes to me are the allowing of elite prospects to hire agents, and the rule allowing players to go back to school if they were not drafted.

The second rule to me seems like a much needed change, but that first rule change is dicey at best. Controlling the agents and defining what makes an elite prospect will not end well most likely.

Zhaire goes down with an injury

Call it a curse or just plain bad luck, Zhaire was hit with the injury bug. For an athlete like Smith, having your foot hurt is a huge deal. It limits his mobility and his incredible hops.

Those aspects of his game earned him his draft spot in the first place. Hopefully he rehabs it well and is back soon better than ever.

Should the NCAA move the three point line back to NBA depth?

We have all seen the trend in basketball, with more and more thee point shooters draining threes. Total offensive scores are on the rise, and the top teams all appear to be moving away from defensive orientated to three-ball teams.

I would say to move the line back. The top prospects will keep hitting those shots, and it will bring the college game back to its roots. Less finesse shooting, more defense and drives to the paint.

It will encourage fundamental development before going to the shooter happy NBA. Shooters gonna shoot, but make them work for it.