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Tweet of the Week: I really hope things have changed

Texas Tech football tweeted things have changed so now I have way too much hope.

NCAA Football: Birmingham Bowl-Texas Tech vs South Florida Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

As most Red Raider fans know, you begin the season full of hope. Pure and innocent in the thought that maybe, just maybe we could do just a little bit better than last season. Little improvements come here and there and hope starts to build. Normally, those hopes get knocked down. Well today Texas Tech football tweeted a hype video with the hashtag things have changed, and buddy, I sure hope so.

Having the defense go up 30 spots in the national defensive ranks really got me cocky, I don't know about you all. 10 of the 11 defensive starters are returning and Master Gibbs is still here. Logistically, we can only go up from here right? If our offense can literally get it together and we can pick out a great starting quarterback, we’ll be getting somewhere. Maybe we won’t run the same three plays straight down the middle in the red zone every time either who knows. Red Raiders have always been known to be an air raid team. Is that what is going to change? Will handoffs be the 2018 trend? It’ll be another year of missing Patrick Mahomes and his scrambles but maybe I’ll finally move on. I personally think McLane Carter will help me get over my heartbreak. Nick Gerber from Tyler Junior College will add an interesting element to this QB competition. Regardless, you can’t deny the fact that Kliff Kingsbury can produce decent quarterbacks.

When I say this is the first season I’m actually extremely nervous about, I mean that. So September 1 get here fast, so I can keep having my heart attacks.