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Red Raider Ravioli: fans really care

Open thoughts after last week’s poll.


welcome everyone to this new edition of RRR, the only Sunday column in Viva the Matadors. I’m writing in a boring and warm Italian morning, but I think that this kind of stuff (in particular high temperates) also happens in Texas. So, like we say, siamo sulla stessa barca (we are on the same boat).

As you remember, last week I launched a poll concerning the number of wins the football team will obtain this season. The idea started from an Italian betting website releasing its opening lines for victories, and it set its line at 6.5.

Numbers are universal!

At today, the line is always 6.5, but there are more bets on fewer victories (1.80 means that if a person bets 10 euros, he wins 18, having 8 euros of net earning) than more victories (1.95 means the bet is riskier, so the better is offered a higher quote).

We can stop this trip in the world of Italian bets to focus on the results of last week’s poll.

The first thing I could see earlier today when I checked the results, is that 205 people spent some of their time reading this article and voting (yes, I know, I said 205 because I voted too, and you know I stuck with the under).

This is an incredible number for a July edition of Red Raider Ravioli, so I’d like to say “Grazie” (you can imagine what it means and I won’t tell) to everyone.

The second thing is the fans are high on the team this year, as 67% of us thinks the Red Raiders will win at least 7 games this year. Last week I gave my reasons why I don’t think the team will reach this number, but I’m glad to see the fans trust this team.

The trust is the first step for an active participation on gamedays.

Now, I offer you the next step of the challenge. Let’s imagine the bar is set higher. What about 7.5 victories? What would you vote in this occasion? That’s the poll I create today, I want to know if you all dream big.

Share this article, make people vote, we all have free time summer Sundays!


How many games do you think the Red Raiders will win? (Part 2)

This poll is closed

  • 48%
    More than 7.5
    (54 votes)
  • 51%
    Less than 7.5
    (57 votes)
111 votes total Vote Now

Alla prossima!