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Beyond the arc: Scheduling news and rumors, and the impact of scheduling on recruiting

Get ready for some marquee matchups.

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Red Raiders are scheduled to face USC

Texas Tech is headed to Kansas City for the Hall of Fame Classic, and they just found out who they are facing. The Southern California Trojans add to an already impressive non-conference schedule by facing Tech first in the Hall of Fame classic. Nebraska and Missouri State fill out the other side of the bracket.

Tech has had some truly boring and weak non-conference schedules. But Beard seems committed to playing the best. With USC joining a schedule already with Duke, Arkansas, and Memphis the Red Raiders will be in the national spotlight early.

Big 12 versus the Big East

The Big 12 is usually seen as the best conference in basketball, but the Big East has a valid argument for that spot. Now we reportedly will get to settle that score. I love this concept.

We have already seen the Big 12 go toe-to-toe with the SEC, but challenging the Big East as well will really bolster every teams non-conference strength of schedule and make it clear what league reigns supreme.

The forgotten aspect of recruiting big games

The Big 12 is the darling of the power conferences in basketball. Recruits know coming to a Big 12 team guarantees top venues, and marquee match-ups shown in prime time. However, the ACC and Big East can make the same boasts.

We all know how important SOS and RPI are to the selection committee, and that has not changed with the new tier system. But we forget how much recruits love these big time non-conference games.

Beard and company can go to a high school or a transfer guy and point to that Duke game in the Mecca of basketball Madison Square Garden and will instantly bring a light to someone’s eyes. These games will also generate buzz in the off season when basketball recruiting is in its prime.

Scheduling these games gets your program in the news cycle. Recruits can see you’re going to expose them to the nation, and that your program is committed to building a championship resume. All of this is crucial when a recruit is looking for the smallest detail to set a program apart.

We should be very excited with the big time games coming our way this season. I will say now, if we beat Duke this December I will shriek like a toddler and rip my shirt off.