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An announcement from Viva the Matadors!

This season, we will be taking this page to new heights!

NCAA Football: Birmingham Bowl-Texas Tech vs South Florida Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

This fall, Viva the Matadors will go where it has never gone before. Today, we are announcing our new e-sports series, we will be simulating and playing this football season along with the team in NCAA 14! Below is the official announcement!

This is just a small clip of the things to come. Up until the season starts, I will be coming out with videos and articles about topics like the best rated players on the team, the quarterback battle, and other hot button topics surrounding this football team.

We also want to hear from you all! Since this is new to us as well, we will be looking to our viewers and readers for opinions and advise throughout the season. This is an exciting opportunity for us to bring more amazing content to you guys and we hope you enjoy watching and reading along with us.

For now that’s all we have for you guys. Again, if you have any comments, opinions, suggestions, or any ideas you would like to see on this series, let me know! You can comment on this post or hit me up on Twitter @jacobharris_55!