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Monday Morning Matador: Twitter, NBA moves and Texas A&M (gasp)

Exercise your right and vote in @missionCFB poll today

Monday again. Most of it is good, but there’s this little part that’s bad: A&M might beat us in a twitter poll regarding the best stadiums in college football (I’m livid). As is for every Monday Morning Matador, we’ve brought you news on what’s been developing in the world of the Red Raiders - read on!

Zhaire Smith still receiving flak

New Philadelphia 76ers rookie, Zhaire Smith, has been popping up in a number of tweets by the officials 76ers account showcasing his athleticism and highlights. Continually, as Albie Shore alerted to in an article ten days ago, 76ers fans are making it known that they do not want Smith. Response from fans has been all over the spectrum. The hopelessness of “Don’t believe anything the organization does anymore,” to the denial of “still not better than Bridges;” 76ers fans are still feeling this sting of losing their Philadelphia native, Mikal Bridges. Regardless, the social media and staff of the 76ers club has been nothing but enthusiastic about Smith’s ability and ceiling in the professional basketball world.

Kennan Evans moves to the Pistons

Recently, Keenan Evans left his spot on the Golden State Warriors’ summer league team and signed a two-way contract with the Detroit Pistons. What this basically means is that Evans will now be a part of the Pistons summer league team and be invited to their training camp. It is also very likely that he will begin the season with the G League team, Grand Rapids Drive, giving the Pistons the ability to call him up to the NBA at any point during the seasons for up to 45 days. This is a great opportunity for Evans to showcase his ability in a more firm situation that guarantees playing time.

@MissionCFB has pitted Texas A&M against Tech, and it isnt going well

As of now, there’s about one day left until the results are set in cyber-stone. A&M has a cult-like rally in what has been, in total, the most votes that @missionCFB has received on their polls thus far. Get on the twittersphere and vote! Tell your co-workers, tell your mom, tell your dog! A quest to find the best college football stadium - and the Jones could lose to a stadium that has crooked corners. Unacceptable!

Don’t forget, only 61 days until Texas Tech kicks off against Ole Miss.

Oh, also that Kansas beat Texas; that was pretty funny.