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Red Raider Ravioli: Tim Tadlock, the coach of the year

The baseball skipper won an important award, and it means a lot


Welcome to RRR’s latest edition. Today, I want to talk about a news that was disclosed on Thursday and that passed a little bit under the radar. The prestigious website chose Texas Tech’s baseball manager, Tim Tadlock, as the winner of their Coach Of The Year Award.

I particularly appreciated the words this website selected to open the article:

This is the right recognition for a coach that in few seasons brought this program to new heights, transforming it from something solid but unable to do the last step to a program that fights every year for (and often reaches) Super Regionals and World Series.

In addition, this is a way to award also the team, as you all certainly remember how the team had to manage the injury of his ace, Steven Gingery, who lasted less than one game before requiring Tommy John surgery (side note: the fact he was picked in the fourth round of the MLB draft by the Cardinals despite the injury is a clear sign of the potential of this guy).

And I think this will help the recruitment process too, because when a player in the future will decide to commit to Texas Tech, he won’t commit to a rising program, but he’ll choose to play for a team that every year will aspire to the World Series, and that’s coached by the best manager in the nation.

Well done, Coach!

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