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Tweet of the Week: Six more Saturdays and I’m losing my mind

Red Raiders have six more Saturdays left of no football and I can’t contain my excitement.

Texas Tech v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

When this Tweet popped up on my timeline, I immediately began planning my next six Saturdays because no one is getting me away from my Red Raiders. We’ve lost some key players, but I’m unhealthily excited to see what the Red Raider coaching staff has been cooking up during off season. There will surely be a quarterback-off between McLane Carter and Jett Duffey. We have three all American Big 12 preseason defensive players and all five of our O line is coming back. Therefore, my TV and I are about to become best friends.

Will returning talent and a few interesting commits be enough to shake things up? Our preseason Big 12 ranks are fairly low, we have a lot of work to do clearly. We’re coming off the highs of our basketball and baseball season. Our first game is against Ole Miss and a quarterback position is up for grabs. In six Saturdays, the Red Raider fan base is about to get rowdy. Texas Tech tends to normally do pretty well preseason, will they finally keep their momentum this season? Last season I remember feeling so confident in my Red Raiders after our preseason games and was only left slightly disappointed. Getting to the red zone and figuring out how we can score with only 5 yards to go was on my Christmas list this past year. Having an offensive line work it out so our quarter back doesn't have to constantly play out of pocket would be pretty rad as well. Even though I love bragging that we can play out of pocket, I just really don't like having heart attacks.

My last wish is for Coach Kingsbury to change my mind about him. Maybe I’ll lose my voice less this season, maybe I won't. Maybe I’ll finally have a heart attack. Who knows?! This is the most anticipating season for me personally. I have high hopes for this team every year, this year is no different. Red Raiders, wrap up your summer plans and weekend adventures because the boys are coming back. I’m interested to see other fans positive outlooks for this up coming season. Let’s compare heart rates through out the season as well.