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Only Landon O’Connor days until Tech football

50 days left until the team’s first game.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There are only 50 days until the start of the Red Raiders’ season and today, we are going to talk about our #50, Landon O’Connor. O’Connor is a redshirt freshman coming out of Edna, Texas. He is a walk-on long snapper, but his high school playing days indicated he is a much more skilled athlete.

He started playing quarterback for Edna High School his sophomore year and was pretty good as he was the starter for three years. He was a dual option guy as he threw for 855 yards and rushed for 856 yards as a senior. He picked up long snapping in the summer before his senior year. His high school coaches liked his athleticism from that spot as he racked up 24 tackles on the season. He sent his tape out to everyone and Coach Kingsbury saw enough to offer O’Connor a preferred walk-on roster spot.

O’Connor redshirted last year and will be looking to get some snaps in this year on special teams. His athleticism will help with the special teams unit as usually the long snapper on the punt unit is a slower offensive lineman type player. With O’Connor being a skill player in high school, the Red Raiders could have an advantage when they punt.

What do you think our special teams will look like this year? Let us know in the comment section below!