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Beyond the arc: Justin Gray has a home, Zhaire balls out, and one phrase the Big 12 wants to hear

All basketball, all the time.

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Justin Gray is off to the UK

Justin Gray is the latest Red Raider to find his professional home. Gray is an outstanding young man, and was the heart and soul of this team. He always played hard, and never stopped fighting. It was a pleasure watching him play.

Zhaire is balling out

Smith is really putting in work during the summer league. He has had some highlight moments, and showed the freak athleticism that made him famous. He has a long way to go but the early returns are very promising.

One phrase we all want to hear

Normally, I write a long piece here analyzing something. Instead, I think I have found the most dreamed of phrase in the Big 12 right now. A phrase that brings about pure joy in all who hear it.

One phrase that we have wanted to hear for years but we seem to always fall short of hearing. . .

One phrase that some think might never be said again, with the sun never rising on this dark era. . .

The Big 12 has crowned a new champion!

The streak has to end some day. Right? RIGHT!?