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Tweet of the Week: take that Sooners!

MissionCFB has decided to have a best stadium in college football bracket and we already beat out OU.

Jones AT&T Stadium
Texas Tech Athletics

OU who?? As round one came to a close on MissionCFB’s twitter poll for best college football stadium, Jones AT&T Stadium beat out Gaylord Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Round two looks in our favor as Jones AT&T has 84% of the votes over Camp Randall Stadium with 16% of the votes.

Next round we will either be facing Spartan Stadium or Kyle Field. Kyle Field is taking a hefty lead with 68% of the votes versus their 32%. Maybe we will get to face the Aggies in football after all! We have a lot of competitors in this, will we be another Elite 8 team? Will we go all the way? SEC is known for their prestigious stadiums, so how will our open feel with Big 12 power hang in with these top notch stadiums? Will the Tide finish as champions once again?

Make sure you stay up-to-date on MissionCFB’s bracket and keep those votes coming! By the end of 2018 we should be a meat judging, baseball, chess, pom squad, cheer team, basketball, track and field and football stadium school. Once again, TAKE THAT SOONERS!