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Only Dominic Panazzolo days until Tech football

Punters are people too.

Photo by Thomas B. Shea/Getty Images

Dominic Panazzolo, a senior this year, was the fifth in the Big 12 last season in average yards per punt. He averaged 41.4 yards per punt, solid numbers for the former no. 2 Juco punter.

He had some truly great moments, such as a 72 yard punt against Iowa State. However, he also had some truly cringe-worthy moments also. None worse than the shank against USF just before half that proved to be very costly.

The rugby style punter needs to be more consistent this season. He has the tools to be a top punter. Seeing his accuracy go up with more balls downed inside the 20 would be great for this season.

Punters can be incredibly important weapons. Texas, for example, won the Texas Bowl on the back of phenomenal punting.

Hopefully this season will see Panazzolo executing more fake punts as well. Nothing gets people more hyped than a punter scrambling his way for a first down.

85 days to go... the end is near Red Raider fans. Soon we will be sweating out Saturday games in the Jones.