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Freaky Friday: Kliff Kingbury’s hypothetical burner account

If Kliff Kingsbury had a burner account on Twitter, what would it say?

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A Twitter fail of epic proportions

In case you missed it: The Phillidelphia 76’ers GM Bryan Colangelo resigned yesterday in wake of his burner Twitter account scandal. A report by The Ringer drew some interesting conclusions that linked Colangelo to multiple twitter accounts that criticized players on his team as well as giving away team information.

The 76’ers released the following statement:

This whole ordeal has been pretty fascinating to me. So I decided it would be fun to play a little game. Like Colangelo, Kliff Kingsbury has received a fair amount of criticism over the course of the last few years. Maybe so much so that he decided to create a burner account to help defend himself over the last few years? No, that would be wildly idiotic. But lets just pretend he did.

Examining the pretenders

Jive Kliff Kingsbury @JiveKliffKing

The Twitter account @JiveKliffKing boasts in his description:

“Winner of 2017 Ryan Gosling look-a-like contest at Chimy’s. I have coached 2 Heisman trophy winning quarterbacks.”

Now, we all know Kingsbury is trying to distance himself from the coach bro Ryan Gosling look-a-like stereotype. However, If I was being compared to one of the more attractive males on this planet, I would be pretty bummed about having to downplay the comparison. Could this be a motive for creating a burner account?

@JiveKliffKing also tweets some savagery about his enemies, something that the real Kliff Kinsgbury would never be allowed to do...

Upon further “investigation,” I’ve found that there are a lot of “Jive” coach profiles out there. And while I’m not eliminating the possibility that these accounts are actually just the coaches’ burner accounts, it would seem pretty unlikely.

But just in case, don’t cross Jive Kilff.

Kliff Kingsbury “Fan” @Kingsbury_Fan

Sometime people say the best way to hide is in plain sight. Could Kingsbury be posing as a fan in order to shamelessly promote himself as a fan? Two things jump out at me that lead me to believe that there is something here:

First, the account was created in December of 2012, which just happens to be the same month that Kingsbury was hired to lead the football program.

Next, this Kliff Kingsbury “fan” seems to have a certain level of access, often posting pictures from the field:

There is also an affinity for Jett Duffy, the account posts about the quarterback quite a bit:

I think the real Kliff Kingsbury is rooting for Jett Duffey to be the starter for his program this fall, so why not push the QB from a burner account? However, upon further “investigation,” this account appears to actually be a fan of Kliff Kingsbury. Or so he wants us to think...

Responding to criticism

In lieu of having any actual evidence a Kliff Kingsbury burner account on Twitter. I’ve decided to respond to the haters posing as Kliff Kingsbury if he were to have a burner account. Speak your mind, “coach.”

Does it matter? Have you seen his buyout? Unless you want to make an anonymous donation, you’re going to have to deal with the king for a few more years.


Move out of your moms house yet?


Why do you think he hired Gibbs to run the 806D? Have you seen what he his done with this defense the last few years?


Okay Viva The Matadors, at first everyone loved his swagger. Then everyone wanted him to get rid of the swagger and lose the coach bro image. Now you’re mad that he has lost his swagger. MAKE UP YOUR MIND LUBBOCK.


Does Kingsbury have a burner account?

Probably not. But I like to think that every powerful sports figures wish they could respond to some of the haters anonymously. I believe that many coaches across college football do have fake Twitter accounts to monitor their player’s digital footprints. Maybe we call all learn from Philadelphia and trust the process. It is going to be a tense season for Kingsbury in Lubbock. But let us trust Kingsbury’s process and hope that our fortune favors the bold this season in Lubbock.

Do you think coaches have burner accounts? Do you need a injection of optimism going into this football season? Leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you!