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Beyond the arc: Recruiting updates and the future of big men

News and notes from around the hardwood

Chris Beard and co. had a rare miss on the recruiting circuit

A tough blow to the Texas Tech recruiting class as Both Gach would have helped address a big need. Especially surprising was Gach’s decision to commit to Utah. Tech was considered by many as a heavy favorite, and this certainly dampened the mood on a weekend Tech cruised to a Super Regional.

Good luck to you Gach, maybe we will meet again on the hardwood.

Keonte Kennedy is finally ready to pull the trigger. . . hopefully

Keonte Kennedy has set a new commitment date to Friday. Barring another delay, we will finally know his home.

Kennedy has become kind of infamous for his indecision, decommitting from Xavier and pushing back his new commitment date at the last minute. But it appears the drama is finally done.

What role will big men play in the future?

A new feature of Beyond the Arc, we will take a brief moment to address something about the game of basketball each week. We are in the offseason. We are all bored of recruiting news, and now it is time to do some thinking.

This week we discuss the big man. We all know the game is changing. The NBA three point barrage fest Golden State sparked has trickled down to the college game. So where does that leave your traditional center?

I contend that big man is not done in basketball, a rim protector still is necessary to win. But, more and more the stretch 4 will be critical.

Think of Tommy Hamilton this season. When he was on the court, defenses were forced to come out and respect his shot. That opened up the middle for someone like Keenan Evans to cut to the basket. But he gave you size and muscle to protect the basket and rebound

You need that rim protector to stop the incredibly overused dribble-drive followed by the Eurostep. And you absolutely need to have a rebounding presence. But asking a big man to shoot at least 30 percent from three is going to be the norm. Time to just accept that.

My first Beyond the Arc, let me know what you all think of my take.