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LeBron James should sign with the Texas Tech Red Raiders

Time for the king to take his talents to the Hub City.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Every NBA fan is on pins and needles this weekend as LeBron James has opted out of his current contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This means James is an unresricted free agent and is able to sign with whichever NBA team he chooses.

The Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets, and Philadelphia 76ers have been linked as the favorites and with that fans of those teams have gone a bit crazy.

The LeBron frenzy has been an interesting one that goes back to over a year ago when Kyrie Irving left. For LeBron, there will be a lot that goes into this decision. This will likely be the last chance LeBron has to put his stamp on a new place and lead a team to a championship. He will want to pick somewhere that will enhance his legacy and his brand. That being said, the best way for LeBron to truly prove he’s the greatest is to bring a championship to another place that has yet to win one. A place like Texas Tech.

Even though LeBron has already played 15 seasons professionally, NCAA rules state that it is athletes are still eligible to play in sports that they are not making money. Which allows LeBron James to play football, the sport he was truly destined to play. Fans automatically assume that LeBron is chasing Michael Jordan in the attempt to be the greatest basketball player ever, but I’m looking for even bigger things for LeBron. This will give James the opportunity to pass up Jordan, Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson as the greatest athlete ever.

So why Texas Tech?

Opportunity to bring home the school’s first championship

Texas Tech has never even won a Big 12 championship, so James could do for Texas Tech what he did for the Cavaliers and bring home the coveted trophy. Not only that, but James could go all the way and bring in the school’s first national championship. Bringing a championship to Texas Tech would make LeBron a living legend in the great state of Texas, A state he’s already fond of thanks to his fandom of the Dallas Cowboys.

Would give him a chance to go to the NFL

Yes, I know that right now, LeBron could probably get a training camp invite by a NFL team. However by coming to college first, this’ll give James the chance to prove his ability and get drafted. Keke Coutee and Dylan Cantrell were both just drafted, while Danny Amendola, Michael Crabtree, and Jakeem Grant are all vets in the NFL. Tech has proven it can send successful wide receivers to the NFL, and LeBron would be the next in line.

Lubbock is the Cleveland of the south

Just like Cleveland, residents of Lubbock constantly have to defend the city against people who have never been. Lubbock is home to great food, interesting landscape, and lively music. Texas Tech fans are also just as passionate and wild as Cleveland fans. LeBron would feel right at home in the hub city and we would make him feel like the king he aspires to be.