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Red Raider Ravioli: that’s the baseball team we want!

The Red Raiders forgot the recent babbling performances at the right time, I hope


I’m writing this edition of RRR the day after the Republic Day here in Italy, a national holiday, and I’m glad to see that there is good news coming from the other part of the ocean, too. The Red Raiders won their first two games of the Lubbock NCAA Regional and now are waiting for their opponent in the final game of this mini-tournament.

In addition, they did it in a beautiful style, scoring 19 runs, only allowing six, and they didn’t use pitchers like Jose Quezada, Caleb Freeman, and John McMillon, who’ll be more than useful in tonight’s game.

Credit: TTU Athletics

Texas Tech will face the winner of the game between Louisville and Kent State, that will take place today in the afternoon. I’m not a huge fan of playing a team twice in a 4-school tournament like this, so my hope is the Golden Flashes will find a way to overcome the Cardinals, despite the latter undoubtedly have more quality in the roster.

In any case, the Red Raiders will have a big advantage coming from their two-game winning streak, as they’ll play only one game on Sunday, while their opponents will play two, and three instead of four over the weekend.

Credit: TTU Athletics

Until now, we have seen the good version of the Red Raiders, the one that went 16-2 to open the season, and not the problematic one that we met late in the season and in the conference tournament.

Let’s hope that this good shape will continue, until for one more game, and then we’ll have a look to what happens in Athens, Georgia, where a weather-plagued Regional still sees the homeowners Georgia, Duke, and Troy fight for a spot in the Super-regional.

Alla prossima!