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Tweet of the week: The baseball team is giving me major feels

As the seniors say their good byes on Twitter, I run out of tissues.

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Florida vs Texas Tech Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

As I casually scroll through my Twitter feed, Dylan Dusek’s tweet made a reality I’ve been avoiding, finally set in. Dusek posted his note telling the baseball team and the university farewell and it hit me. Omaha is over for us and our seniors are leaving.

What he says at the end really stuck with me though, “Omaha is now a standard.” I may have to agree with that. Texas Tech baseball has been to The College World Series three times out of the last five years, and that should be the standard for our team now. It really got me thinking, with such strong seniors leaving, will Tech fans be expecting a whole new team? I personally expect the same level team or higher. Tim Tadlock has proved that he can crank out a good team if the amity is there. It’s not just taking individual skill and heightening it, it’s making all these different skills blend together like a nice chilton. Watching Texas Tech is always enjoyable. It’s just a bunch of dudes having a killer time while doing what they do best. That is a team I’d gladly watch over and over again, win or lose. The more of those farewell tweets that kept coming, the more tissues I had to pull out. It’s sad to see an era end, but I am so excited to see what their future holds along with the team as well. I’m also interested to see how future recruiting goes, and not just for the baseball team, but for overall enrollment. Having an exciting team with a solid fan base can pull a lot of interested students. I mean, that is what won my heart over four years ago.

So, to all you seniors and draftees sending your farewells off, us Red Raiders are so grateful you picked this school to share your talents and hearts with. It has been an honor watching you play and take on the mighty Omaha stage. Remember, long live the Matador.