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The 2OT: How will the new NCAA transfer and redshirt rules affect Texas Tech?

Will we see more transfers in the future?

The thought

NCAA Football: Birmingham Bowl-Texas Tech vs South Florida Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Division I Council made a few changes to the transfer and redshirt rules last week. These serve a significant goal to improve the college experience of student-athletes.

The new transfer rule creates what the NCAA calls a “notification-of-transfer” model. The rule basically states that once a student informs their current school they want to transfer, that school has two business days to enter that student’s name into a national transfer database. Once the student’s name is in the database, coaches from other schools are free to contract that athlete.

The new redshirt rule will allow players to participate in up to four games during their redshirt season. This means that now players can extend participation from 4 seasons to 4 13 season over five calendar years.

While these rules were passed to better serve the student athlete, how do you think the changes will affect the team?

The take

Texas Tech v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Transfers have become increasingly common in the last few years. This has been one of Texas Tech’s biggest issues in the last few seasons. With the new transfer rule this trend shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it is now easier for student athletes to transfer. They no longer have to wait to be granted permission to transfer. With the new rule, the whole process can start 48 hours after notification and gives the athlete more power to make decisions. It is important to note, however, that while it is now easier to transfer, conferences can still make rules that are restrictive to other schools within its conference.

The changes to the redshirt rule caters to athletes who were originally planning to play, but now require the redshirt due to injury or other unforeseen circumstances. The hope is that redshirt freshman will likely be more engaged with the team and will be less likely to play through injury. This will also give players the chance to play in limited competition and even the chance to participate in a bowl game during their redshirt season. While the rule looks good on paper, it definitely favors the elite programs who start out the season with some incredibly talented players and still have the ability to inject even more talent late in the season when all other teams are running low on healthy players.


How do you think the new NCAA rules will affect Texas Tech?

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  • 73%
    We will see a lot more transfers
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  • 6%
    They could help minimize transfers
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  • 20%
    They will not affect Tech at all
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