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Tech looks to stay in the winner’s bracket

Louisville stands between Texas Tech and the Regional Final.

Only thing hotter than the turf this weekend might be the bats of Texas Tech (40-17) and Louisville (44-17). Both teams claimed victory in decisive fashion. Tech cruised past New Mexico State 9-2, and Louisville rolled past Kent State 13-6.

Now the top seeds can play out the rubber match from their early season series. It was brutally cold at Louisville the last time these teams met, let’s see how they match-up in the blazing Lubbock sun.

The pitching duel:

Texas Tech will have Caleb Killian (8-1) on the mound. I love this call by Coach Tadlock, Killian has been the man for this staff with Davis Martin struggling in the back half of the schedule. With a 2.30 ERA, Killian has the stuff to give you 5-7 great innings. If Killian can hold Louisville to no more than 3runs in 5+ innings, you have to like the Red Raider’s chances.

As I write this, no starter has been named for Louisville, but a betting man would say Nick Bennett (8-1) gets the start. Bennett has a 2.20 ERA and has been the second game guy for the Cardinals towards the end of their year. His numbers are very similar to Killian’s, except Bennett has several more appearances. This is Louisville’s ace, and he can bring it. Tech’s powerful lineup will have to continue their disciplined at-bats to chase Bennett off the mound early.

A Few Notes:

Tech will actually be the visiting team tonight. The NCAA in their infinite wisdom decided a coin toss, not seeding, is the best way to settle home and visitor.

The game will hopefully be much cooler with a 7 PM CT start time. On the field today the temperature broke 150, which is melt your cleats hot. Both team will be hoping for a brisk 88 degrees for tonight’s game.

Texas Tech is #3 in the nation in terms of scoring with Louisville sitting at #17. With two aces on the mound, the overall strength of both offenses will be greatly tested.

I am still mad Josh Jung was not the Big 12 player of the year. Not relevant to this game, but needed to be said.


Talk about a true tossup. Played twice, each team earning a win. Now we are looking at a Ace versus Ace pitching duel. Call me a homer, but in Lubbock, Tech’s offense is just too potent. #WreckEm and give me Texas Tech winning this game 7-4, in a real stressful manner.


That is exactly what what happened and Tech will indeed be the home team tonight. The NCAA really needs to be smarter about this whole thing.