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Big 12 Revenue Distribution Announced

Big 12 schools see their distribution increase for the 12th year in a row.

Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

My first story as part of the team here, and it is all about the greenbacks. The Big 12 is getting paid, to the tune of $36.5 Million per school in revenue.

Baylor is still under sanctions of sorts, having millions of their share placed in escrow. That will continue until the Big 12 verifies the reforms needed to comply with Title IX guidelines.

But how does this stack up against the other major players? Well, the conference is sitting squarely in third among the Power Five.

The PAC-12 sits in fourth, but is nearly $6 million dollars per school behind the Big 12. The ACC is dead last at $26.6 million per school. The king pins of the Power 5 in terms of revenue remain the SEC and Big 10.

This is great news for those concerned about the health of the conference. Despite popular belief that the Big 12 is floundering, the conference is fiscally sound, at least for now.

This was an unexpected revenue increase from last year, considering the conference was not able to participate in the Sugar Bowl, thanks to the controversial addition of the championship game. The conference did make back most of the revenue lost from not playing in the Sugar Bowl however.

More money does not mean more problems in the world of collegiate athletics. The landscape has increasingly become a facilities arms race, and distributions like this will help keep Texas Tech, and the rest of the conference, from falling behind.

It does make me wonder though, what would I do if I was pulling in $36.5 mil a year? Leave us a comment with your thoughts and what you would do with that much money!