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Red Raider Ravioli: Baseball, one more game!

Yesterday, I was guilty of a major crime


Benvenuti (welcome) to this new edition of Red Raider Ravioli, Viva the Matadors’ Sunday column. You know this is a very important Sunday for our Corsari rossi (awful translation of “Red Raiders” in Italian, forgive me), as the baseball team will play its second game of the Super Regional against Duke.

What about the first one? Well, it was an outstanding victory for Texas Tech, that won the game, 6-4 after trailing 0-3 and 3-4, and that with one more victory will travel to Omaha, Nebraska to play in the College World Series.

Credit: TTU Athletics

This victory was obviously very important for the Red Raiders, but in my opinion, this loss can be far more heavy for the Blue Devils, as blowing up two leads can leave some mental scums that can suddenly return with the second game to be played in such a short span of time.

Talking about the details, unfortunately Tim Tadlock saw his plans “ruined” by Dylan Dusek’s injury (blister in his throwing hand) that forced him to only throw 1.2 innings, but we can be sure there are still many weapons that can be put on the mound today: there are Davis Martin and Caleb Killian, and I suppose that Ty Harpenau will play if the situation will require it, as he only threw 12 pitches on Saturday.

On the other side, Duke used its best two relievers (Ethan DeCaster and Jack Labosky, but still has plenty of dangerous pitchers, like Graeme Stinson (maybe he’ll start the game today, and he’ll surely have a lot of space) and Bryce Jarvis.

Credit: TTU Athletics

And now, it’s time to confess my fault: in the seventh inning, with the Red Raiders trailing 3-4, I gave up and I went to bed. I know, my fault, my big fault. It was almost midnight here in Italy and I didn’t think they could recover also for the second time. But here I promise, if Texas Tech will go to the World Series, I’ll watch every game they’ll play, and I won’t care about the time.

Alla prossima!