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Matador Mailbag: Red Raiders Infinity War

Much like the latest Avengers installment, Tech sports seem to be great, yet incomplete.

Kansas v Texas Tech Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

We are in the golden age of sci-fi and super hero movies. After Black Panther became one of the highest grossing movies ever, Avengers: Infinity War comes through the backdoor and breaks the record for highest grossing opening weekend.

Let me just say, the movie was absolutely awesome, yet felt incomplete. There’s no doubt Avengers 4 will make my heart whole again, but for the next year I will feel the need for closure after that mind-blowing ending.

Don’t worry, I won’t reveal any spoilers, but it seems like both Kliff Kingsbury and Chris Beard feel the same way about their respective teams. Tre Watson, grad transfer running back from Cal, will be deciding his football future between Texas and Texas Tech soon. All while grad transfer Matt Mooney and top 150 player Isaac Likekele from Mansfield are both possibly looking to join Tech’s rising basketball team. Hopefully we will see the closure from their decisions just like I hope to see closure in Avengers 4. On to the questions.

A guy like Matt Mooney isn’t transferring to spend his final year in college coming off the bench. Mooney is hoping to come to a power conference basketball program and prove he belongs and possibly propel his NBA draft stock. That being said, Beard has been known to make every player earn his starting spot. Mooney, Khavon Moore, and Tariq Owens would all have to have an impressive training camp, even though they’d be expected to start. Mooney would hope to fill Keenan Evans’ shoes as our main bucket-getter. Lets not get ahead of ourselves though as Mooney still has not committed.

Good ole #BeatUT week has been fun. The Viva twitter page had some fun the past couple days with the #BetterThanUT hashtag and truly got under Texas fans’ skins, it was glorious.

To answer your question, my dad always taught me to eat my steak well done, because according to him, “animal blood still being in your food is disgusting.” I hope the Tech baseball team treat the Longhorns like my dad and I treat raw meat and cook them till their crisp.

Unfortunately Zhaire Smith is no longer considered a current athlete or else he’d be my first overall pick. From the football team, I’d have to go with Jett Duffey as he’s athletic and can throw, even though I’d need his throws to be more accurate if we’re going to win our dodgeball matches. From the basketball team give me C.J. Roberts. We’ve yet to see how he is going to be in a Texas Tech uniform, but his quickness and passing ability has to translate to the dodgeball court. From baseball, I’m definitely going with Davis Martin. He’s likely not the quickness, but his arm will be very useful to sling those balls and get some much needed outs.

There’s so many stories I could share about why this person deserves the honor of being the unluckiest with the ladies. Our fearless leader Zach Mason has had a rough go of it, but if you want to hear some of these stories for yourself you can tweet him @ZachMasonSports and see if he’s willing to share.

Thanks for the questions everyone make sure to submit your questions next time on our Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram. As always, tell me how wrong I am in the comments.