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Red Raider Ravioli: can we name it delusion?

The baseball tournament didn’t go as expected for the Red Raiders. Did you notice it?


In this particular period of the year there aren’t many topics to discuss, so once again I’m here with my thoughts on the past baseball week. It was an important one, as it was the week of the Big 12 tournament.

For those who don’t know yet, it hasn’t been a glorious week for the Red Raiders, as they lost their inaugural game, 12-2, to TCU, conquered the first win-or-go-home game against Oklahoma State, but immediately lost the day after to West Virginia allowing another dozen of runs.

Now, Texas Tech has to wait a couple of days in order to know which opponents it will face in the NCAA Tournament Regionals, that will start on this upcoming Friday.

Credit: TTU Athletics

Momentarily leaving aside the feelings for the NCAA Tournament, I’d like to return to the week that’s coming to an end with today’s final between Baylor and TCU. I think we all agree the Red Raiders approached the conference Tournament with higher expectations, but the team couldn’t handle them.

Unfortunately, 14 bases on balls allowed to the Horned Frogs and five errors against the Mountaineers were too hard to overcome and outshined the good work Ryan Shetter, Ty Harpenau, and Jose Quezada made in the game against the Cowboys.

And now, head to the NCAA Tournament. The depth chart in terms of reliable pitchers seems to be incredibly thin like I disgracefully previewed two weeks ago in this article that was criticized for being too pessimist, and hitters demonstrated they can’t be the universal panacea.

Alla prossima!