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Could Zhaire Smith fit with the Dallas Mavericks?

As unlikely as it is, Zhaire Smith to the Mavericks would be a Mavericks’ fan’s dream.

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As small of a chance as it could be, Zhaire Smith could be in a Blue and Gray uniform come fall.

However, I’m not saying that the Mavericks draft Smith with the fifth overall pick, I think that Mark Cuban and company may want to stock up on picks for the tough rebuild ahead. Could the Mavericks trade with someone who might need a center or point guard in the middle of the first round? I think it’s at least something to speculate. The Mavericks seem to need every position on the floor, with the exception of small forward and point guard as I think the team is happy with Harrison Barnes and Dennis Smith as core pieces for the future.

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I see Smith playing the shooting guard, something the Mavericks have needed since Seth Curry and Wesley Matthews have both been hurt in their tenure with the Mavericks. Since Curry is a free agent this summer, the Mavericks might look to go in a different direction with the position all together as Wesley Matthews will be a free agent next summer. Could the Mavericks be targeting a super athletic guy who can play both the shooting guard and small forward spots?

There of course would have to be a trade, this is also barring if the Mavericks don’t like what they see from big men Jaren Jackson and Mohamed Bamba. They could also like another center prospect in the lottery as well. Here is one trade that I could see potentially working:

Mavericks Trade: No. 5 pick 2018 Draft

Clippers Trade: No. 12 and No. 13 pick 2018 Draft, Lottery Protected Pick 2019

This helps both teams and here is how: The Clippers need playmakers bad. This would give them the position to maybe go after Trae Young, someone who can make plays like crazy. This would give the Mavericks Zhaire Smith and another prospect of their choice, maybe Robert Williams III or even go after another wing player who can play the power forward spot like Kevin Knox out of Kentucky. This also potentially gives the Mavericks another pick next year, something that any rebuilding team needs. Zhaire could develop as the premier backup for both Wesley Matthews and Harrison Barnes before he really commits to a position.

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He will also be coached by Rick Carlisle, one of the best in the league. He’d get some good veterans such as JJ Barea and the great player in Mavericks history, Dirk Nowitzki. Smith could also develop along some good young talent in Dallas. Dennis Smith Jr., Johnathon Motley, Harrison Barnes, and Kyle Collinsworth just to name a few of the young guys the Mavericks are trying to develop.

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I know this is a ton of speculation, but I believe that Smith could find a nice home in Dallas. Behind a great coach and lots of young talent to develop around, he could help the Mavericks rebuild into a good team again.

Where do you think Zhaire Smith will get drafted? Do you think there is any chance the Dallas Mavericks will trade down to acquire him? Let us know in the comment section below!