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Texas Tech and Texas clash for second place with Oklahoma State close to wrapping up Big 12

Oklahoma State rolling at the right time


Viva the Matadors’ Week 10 Rankings:

1. #17 Oklahoma State Cowboys: 27-14-1, 15-3 (LW 1)
Oklahoma State is on an absolute tear right now. Winners of seven straight and back to back conference sweeps have given the Cowboys a three game lead over the Longhorns with two conference series to go. With the Red Raiders and Longhorns going at it this weekend, the Cowboys have a non-conference series with Iowa and won’t be able to lose any ground.

2. #9 Texas Tech Red Raiders: 34-12, 11-7 (LW 2)
Not a great week for the Red Raiders, but I’m inclined to leave Tech and Texas where they are for now and let them decide it on the field this weekend. Texas Tech is four games out of the lead for conference, but any slip up now and the Red Raiders will have to turn their attention to weakened post-season seed and a bigger uphill climb to Omaha.

3. #24 Texas Longhorns: 30-17, 12-6 (LW 3)
Texas heads to Lubbock this weekend to try and separate themselves from Tech and inch closer to Oklahoma State. The Longhorns had a hiccup this past weekend against a surging West Virginia team, so it’ll be interesting to see how they play in another hostile environment.

4. Baylor Bears: 26-17, 9-9 (LW 5)
Baylor moves up a spot with a good sweep over Kansas State this past weekend. Baylor doing everything they can to make a push to the post-season and it looks like they’ll be in good shape if they can finish the season strong. Baylor does not have a weekend series this week. They’ll pick back up the following week against Oklahoma State.

5. TCU Horned Frogs: 22-18, 8-9 (LW 6)
TCU did what the had to and took two of three from Texas Tech, but unfortunately it looks like too little too late. TCU has a couple of mid-week games and then a non-conference tilt with Lamar this weekend.

6. Oklahoma Sooners: 28-18, 10-8 (LW 4)
Oklahoma gets shown the door in the Big 12 title race getting swept by Oklahoma State. The Sooners have been in free-fall for a couple of weeks now and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. They do get a bit of a break this weekend with a struggling Kansas State team coming to Norman.

7. West Virginia Mountaineers: 22-19, 6-9 (LW 7)
How about West Virginia! The Mountaineers on a 13-5 run since losing two of three at Texas Tech. Obviously on the outside looking in for post-season consideration, but a strong push nonetheless. West Virginia head to Lawrence to take on a struggling Jayhawk squad who look like they wish the season was over already.

8. Kansas Jayhawks: 19-24, 3-11 (LW 8)
Kansas has lost eight straight and look like a shell of themselves from earlier this year. Not the way the Jayhawks had envisioned this season going after such a strong finish to 2017 and a strong opening to 2018. Kansas hosts West Virginia this weekend.

9. Kansas State Wildcats: 18-26, 3-15 (LW 9)
Kansas State did get swept this weekend by Baylor. In reality, Kansas State and Kansas could switch places in our power rankings, but while Kansas did nothing to stay at #8, Kansas State did nothing to move up. Kansas State goes to Norman to play Oklahoma this weekend.