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Freaky Friday: Texas Tech is a track school

Plot Twist: Texas Tech is not a baseball or basketball school

FloSports: FloTrack Big 12 Outdoor Championships
2018 Big 12 Track and Field Outdoor Champions
C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech is a basketball school. Texas Tech is a baseball school. I see these statements floating around the twitterverse and can’t help but think “you’re all wrong.”

Last week, I compared our Track and Field Coach Wes Kittley to one of Marvel’s Avengers. And then, in a superhero-esque fashion, coach Kittley’s squad assembled one of the most historic performances in the history of The Big 12 Outdoor Track and Field Championship.

It was just announced that coach Kittley has been named the Big 12 Men’s Coach of the Year.

After winning the Big 12 Indoor Track and Field Championship, the men’s team brought home a championship in the outdoor competition while putting up 165 points. This is the most point scored since the conference since those other schools who will not be mentioned left us after 2011. I’ll be honest, I never ran track and the scoring system kind of eludes me, but the point is: we’re better. For reference, The University of Texas took second place (AKA the first losers) with 117 points.

They celebrated like champions:

Divine Oduduru scored the most points of any athlete is the meet winning in the 100m, 200m events, and 4x100m relays.

Oduduru also captured a Big 12 postseason award, Male Performer of the Year.

While the women’s team only finished sixth, two ladies took home some hardware in individual events. Paeyton Revell won in both the heptathlon and the triple jump, while Zarriea Willis won in the high jump.

I could go down the list here and name off all of the individual athletes who preformed well in the championship event, but the point I’m trying to make is this:

Of all the athletic programs here at Texas Tech University, it can be argued that over the last 5 years, Texas Tech Track and Field has consistently performed on an extremely high level. So much so, that if were going to call ourselves a _____ school, we should really consider filling the black with “Track and Field.”