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Texas Tech still in line for hosting regional despite conference struggles

Oklahoma State’s magic number is two entering the weekend


Just a quick snapshot of our power rankings this week before looking on to the latest “Field of 64” projection from D1 Baseball.

Viva the Matadors’ Week 11 Rankings:

1. #24 Oklahoma State Cowboys: 29-19-1, 16-5 (LW 1)
2. #17 Texas Longhorns: 34-18, 14-7 (LW 2)
3. #15 Texas Tech Red Raiders: 35-15, 12-9 (LW 3)
4. Oklahoma Sooners: 33-19, 13-8 (LW 5)
5. Baylor Bears: 30-18, 11-10 (LW 6)
6. TCU Horned Frogs: 29-19, 10-10 (LW 4)
7. West Virginia Mountaineers: 26-23, 8-13 (LW 8)
8. Kansas State Wildcats: 21-27, 5-19 (LW 9)
9. Kansas Jayhawks: 23-27, 6-14 (LW 7)

The latest D1 Baseball “Field of 64” published on May 15, surprisingly, still has Texas Tech hosting a regional and a national seed. Though not as glistening a resume as they once had, if Texas Tech doesn’t get swept in Stillwater this weekend and has a decent showing in the Big 12 tournament the Red Raiders, for all intents and purposes, would be none of the worse for wear.

Currently Texas Tech is projected as the 13th overall seed and hosting a regional consisting of UCLA (2), Dallas Baptist (3) and San Diego St. (4).

If this were how it plays out, Texas Tech would be in a rough regional against a Dallas Baptist team that swept the home and home series from the Red Raiders and a UCLA team currently ranked 18th in the polls.

No other Big 12 team is currently projected to host, but a big weekend for Oklahoma State could put them in position to and remove Tech from it’s hosting duties at the same time.

Currently four other Big 12 teams are projected to make it into the field including, Oklahoma St, Texas, Oklahoma, and Baylor with TCU listed as the First Five Out.