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Hitter of the Week: Josh Jung responsible for all four runs in Tech’s only game

Jung provides all the offensive power this week.

The explosive offense that has been displayed in Lubbock for most of the season has taken a slumber over the past few weeks. We have seen this team struggle to string together hits and produce runs. While this is a concerning trend, I believe this team might be just around the corner from another crazy offensive display.

The Red Raiders are an incredibly deep team and when rolling provide dangerous hitters all through the lineup. Additionally, the three power hitters in the middle of the lineup, Josh Jung, Grant Little, and Zack Rheams have been solid but not exceptional. Each of these players has gone on hitting stints that fueled this team to multiple wins. Baseball is a sport of streaks and each valley eventually gives way to another peak.

This week there is only one choice for hitter of the week. With only one game this week because of finals. Josh Jung produced all four runs. He had a pair of RBI singles and a two-RBI double. Jung continues to be the consistent run producer at the heart of the lineup. With his high average and RBI production, he continues to make a strong case for Big 12 player of the year, although teammate Grant Little is not far behind in each of those categories.

Hopefully, the Red Raiders will begin to get the offense rolling starting Thursday night against the Oklahoma State Cowboys.