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Freaky Friday: Casting Texas Tech Athletics as Marvel’s Avengers

The Infinity War hype is real. Who mirrors your favorite Avenger?

Dakota Allen as Iron Man

Welcome to our new installment, Freaky Friday, where we discuss totally random but somewhat entertaining topics! Today, we’ll be casting current and former Red Raider athletes and coaches as Avengers.

Don’t worry people, I’m not a monster and will NOT be including any spoilers. So feel free to read on!

I’m hopping on the Infinity War bandwagon and thought it would be fun to ask the question: Which of our favorite Red Raiders would be cast as members of the avengers based on similarities? Be sure to comment below with your own suggestions as well.

Nick Fury - Kirby Hocutt (Current athletic director)

Never have I ever thought that I would be comparing Kirby Hocutt to a character portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson, but hey, it’s 2018. Every supergroup needs a man in charge. He may not get all the glory for the success of his assembled super squad, but there needs to be a man who put the whole thing together. And that is why Kirby Hocutt gets cast as Nick Fury.

Ant-Man - Jakeem Grant (Former Tech football player)

Hang on.. this isn’t only because Jakeem Grant is tiny. Well.. maybe it is. But Jakeem The Dream Grant is one of my all-time favorite Red Raiders because despite his stature he played football like a giant. This just happens to be ant-man’s super power.

Captain America - Chad Bettis (Former Tech baseball player)

If Chad Bettis isn’t the ultimate warrior than I don’t know who is. Both Bettis and Captain America embody the definition of courage. One defends the galaxy with his shield and the other the mound with his rocket arm. Last fall, Bettis had cancer surgery and is currently on a hot streak with the Colorado Rockies. Incredible.

Vision - Chris Beard (Current Tech basketball coach)

A sleeper. I really didn’t know much about Vision but he emerged a bonafide badass. This reminds me of the emergence of Chris Beard. Like Vision, Beard is a integral member of his team. Beard has the vision (see what I did there) to recruit and coach Texas Tech Basketball back to the glory days.

Hulk - Gabe Rivera (Former Tech football player)

Senior Sack was a monster on the football field. I had the pleasure of meeting this Texas Tech Football legend and he was an incredible person to interview. So there is a really nice and humble side of him, but on the football field he was a hulk.

Thor - Patrick Mahomes (Former Tech football player)

Undeniable arm strength. One can throw a mythical axe and the other throws a mythical deep ball. Legends in their own lore.

Iron Man - Dakota Allen (Current Tech football player)

Both may have made a questionable decision in their past, but have risen above their mistakes to become fearless leaders. Dakota Allen will be the Iron Man for Texas Tech football this season.

Black Widow - Jessica Hartwell (Current Tech softball player)

A true team player and humble leader. Insanely Talented and athletic. One smashes the bad guys heads in and the other smashes home runs. Hartwell broke the school’s single season home run record which certainly makes her Avengers-esque.

Dr. Strange - Wes Kittley (Current track and field coach)

Unsung hero. Both integral to their organizations and don’t get the credit they deserve. Texas Tech Track is not to be messed with and Wes Kittley is a big reason why.

Spider Man - Zhaire Smith (Former Tech basketball player)

He maybe be a youngin’ but damn he is talented. Again, this applies to both Peter Parker and Zhaire Smith. Smith may not have superpowers, but his athleticism might make you believe that he does. Smith will be participating in the NBA draft combine in Chicago from May 16-20th.

Scarlet Witch - Janine Beckie (Former Tech soccer player)

Quiet, yet powerful. While Janine Beckie may not have the telekinetic abilities, she sure can move a soccer ball in an incredible fashion. Bend it like Beckie! Beckie is currently a professional soccer player for the Sky Blue FC in the National Women’s Soccer League and the Canada women’s national soccer team.

Black Panther - Keenan Evans (Former Tech basketball player)

Keenan Evans, like T’Challa, returned to Texas Tech basketball and proved himself a king. Evans rallied his team and lead Texas Tech Basketball to a historic season. Wakanda/Texas Tech forever!

Star Lord - Kliff Kingsbury (Current Tech football coach)

Perceived as a good looking guy who brings character and swag to the situation. Not given credit for being a very proven leader of men who can come up with incredible plans on the fly.

If you have comparisons of your own I would love to hear them. Comment below or tweet at me @DylanSmyth92 and go see Marvel’s Avengers at your local movie theater.