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BREAKING: Justin Stockton signs with the Seattle Seahawks

It’s off to the Pacific Northwest for this speedster

Texas Tech v West Virginia Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Arriving on the scene in 2014, Justin Stockton has been a key piece in the backfield for the Red Raiders’ prolific Air Raid offense. He lead the team in rushing yards and upheld a substantial number of receiving yards out of the backfield. Stockton put up five total touchdowns on the year but that doesn’t paint the full picture of his efforts between the end zones. The next step for Stockton comes in the form of a UDFA with the Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle just drafted another running back at no. 27 overall: Rashaad Penny out of San Diego State. This would be the third time in franchise history for the Seahawks that they chose a running back in the first round, and for good reason. Penny was a center piece to the San Diego State offense and holds a mountain of yards over Stockton, giving Seahawks fans a lot to be excited about (for Penny). Stockton is going to be going into this with a lot to prove but if there’s anything we’ve learned it is that J. Stockton isn’t afraid to work hard. A bright spot (and probable reason he ended up on their UDFA list) is that Seattle likes to work a spread offense and get running backs out into open space; Stockton’s specialty.

The UDFA status provides Stockton some options in regards to placement, but he isn’t going to go away quietly if that’s what Penny is hoping for. Expect for our running back to find his niche in the NFL - Seattle or otherwise.