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Matador Mailbag: Crazy happenings in America

From Meek Mill to John McMillon, there’s plenty to talk about.

It’s been a wild week to live in America to say the least. For one, the NBA and NHL playoffs are underway and there’s plenty of drama going on in both. Not to mention, the NFL draft starts tonight and ends this Saturday. We have plenty of Red Raiders vying for a spot on an NFL team, while one Red Raider has already gotten his professional career started in the land up north.

Other Red Raiders hope to be able to find themselves their own team soon. Coutee is the only one that is a lock to get drafted, however I personally think Shimonek, Cantrell and possibly even Batson will see their names flash across the screen in Arlington.

Meek Mill got released from prison and had social media excited for his release stemming from a very questionable arrest all until wild Kanye West went on a twitter rant that none of us truly know what it meant. All I know is Keeping up with the Kardashians and Keeping up with the Red Raiders will both be crazy this season.

If I was to judge Meek Mill’s quarterbacking like I would his rapping, I would say that he’s a brash and fearless leader that is beloved by teammates. However, he folds under pressure and if he gets into a tough battle, he will get bodied by a corner (singer).

That being said, at this point, I’m all for as many people throwing their hat in the ring as possible, not like anyone else looks ready to take on the job.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t keep Kingsbury around unless he can get eight wins this year. This is a weak Big 12 year and Tech has the most returning starters in the conference. Yes, we are making a quarterback change but so are six other Big 12 schools.

However, you didn’t ask what I would do, you asked if he’d be here and the answer is six wins he probably stays as the head coach. At the end of the day, Kingsbury has both Hocutt and boosters on his side. He is a great guy that people truly enjoy being the leader of the team, he really is the perfect figurehead of the football program, except that he’s Tech’s first losing head coach since Jerry Moore in the early 80s.

I had never heard of Netball until I read this question and now I’m infatuated. It is pretty awesome, it’s basically basketball with no dribbling and no backboard, we could DOMINATE this sport so I’m all in on the Netball craze.

It’s incredibly difficult to go from relief pitcher to starter. McMillon made that change in the offseason and because of that it seems as though that has become his primary focus. That would explain his decreased plate appearances and I do not expect him to get many more throughout the season. The more alarming stat is that his ERA is skyrocketing, I think the season grind is getting to McMillon as he’s already had 10 starts this season and has pitched almost twice as many inning s as last season. Tadlock may have to look into given McMillon more time to rest as he gets more comfortable being a regular starter. This is where we will start to feel the effects of the Gingery injury if this snide continues.

Eltye, I live in Houston, where we dont have seasons. we just have “hot and wet” or “not that hot, but still wet”. As far as Lubbock goes, the weather seems to be in the 70s and 80s this week which is absolute perfect weather, go to the rec and play sand volleyball, go to an apartment pool party, I do feel like spring in Lubbock is already here.

Judging by your avi, I would probably say that it’s you Andy Eason. The guy is a huge Trekkie, however Andy, I am going to let you off the hook and go with Ryan Smith. Ryan is a big comic book nerd and I’m not talking about the movies but truly knows everything about the comics. Also Ryan likes to show everyone how smart he is, and is very anti-society. If Sheldon Cooper liked to work out and play baseball, you’d have Ryan in a nutshell.

That’s all folks, if I didn’t get to you, try again next week and I’ll see about getting you in the mailbag. Please don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow @Vivathematadors on Twitter and Instagram. As always, tell me how wrong I am in the comments.