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Red Raider Ravioli: the perfect moment

What do Italian breakfasts and baseball winning streaks have in common?


After a week of silence, for which I’m deeply sorry, here we are with another edition of RRR, the most useless VTM’s Sunday column.

Don’t you think sometimes you recognize you’re living the perfect moment to do something? That very moment in which everything’s all right and you can work/study/ create knowing you’ll generate a good thing?

Here we say “il mattino ha l’oro in bocca”, that sounds like “the early worm catches the bird”, and it’s so nice waking up early on Sunday morning, having a piping hot cappuccino with no one hanging around, watching the NHL playoffs (everybody has his/her flaws), and writing a piece about our beloved Red Raiders.

And don’t you think this is the perfect moment of the season for the baseball team to start a 6-game winning streak? I really do, also because the latest two victories came against a valid Oklahoma team, that’s fighting for the lead of the Big 12.

At the moment I write (after Saturday’s games), the top of the standings is particularly crowded and sees:

  1. Oklahoma State 11-3
  2. Texas 11-4
  3. Texas Tech 10-4
  4. Oklahoma 9-5

We all understand how important sweeping the Sooners today is, and winning the series next week at TCU, before dealing with the Longhorns and the Cowboys, the real surprises of the season. In addition, on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, the Red Raiders will face no. 3 Arkansas in Fayetteville: the Razorbacks are having a very good season (27-10 overall record) also if in this weekend they were swept by Mississippi State. This will be another tough challenge that will show us where Texas Tech stands in this moment of the year, with an eye also to the postseason.

That’s all for today, ladies and gents! Maybe next week we won’t celebrate an 11-game winning streak, but my guess is we won’t talk about more than one loss.

Ci vediamo!