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Matador Mailbag: The Dating Game, the 2018 Texas Tech edition

Crazy week in the mailbag as we play matchmaker, marriage counselor, and hipster finder.

While at Texas Tech, my degree was in Sociology and Political Science. I planned on curtailing this into a career in law, but instead it took me into a career in Sales and Supply Chain (don’t ask how). With this being said, I still keep much of the lessons taught during my Sociology courses. Many of these courses were different studies on how people or groups of people interact with each other in social settings, so when I got this tweet from Ms. Shelton herself, I knew I was the right man for the job.

Ms. Shelton, you indeed do sound like a “Gruvy Girl.” I’m sure any man would love to go out with you to Tech games, but heed my advice: you don’t need no man. As TLC once eloquently put it “I don’t want no scrubs, a scrub is a guy that can’t get no love from me.” Be like TLC and don’t go chasing for these twitter scrubs, before you end up with “a guy hanging out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride.”

That being said, Red Raider nation please submit your application to be Ms. Shelton’s date in the comments below, and she’ll vet you all and make a decision. We’re here for you girl!

Now let’s get on to the rest of the questions.

Not sure Isaiah, I forgot to tell my wife to pay our daughter’s daycare this morning, so when she dropped off our daughter, the daycare was expecting the money and as she put it “they looked at me like I had egg on my face (she didn’t say egg), and it made me late for work” . I think I may need to buy her flowers. As far as your situation, I think I may have the perfect woman for you to help replace the void you may now be feeling. Her only requirements are that you take her to Tech games and you bask in her awesome #RaiderLove. I think we may have found our first contestant on the dating game.

Tech is only a game back of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State for the Big 12 lead. This series against Oklahoma is huge as it can give Tech the top spot in the conference again. Right now, the Tech bats are hot and we may have the best player in the Big 12 (Grant Little) and the best starting pitcher in the Big 12 (Davis Martin). I expect Tech to win the first two games with Martin and Caleb Killian starting and then have the third game up in the air.

The men’s team will surprise people next season. On the surface, Tech is losing six of their top eight scorers, that is pretty damning for virtually every program in the country not named Duke or Kentucky. Tech, however is put in a much nicer position, because now almost every player on the team will be a player recruited by coach Chris Beard. Not only that but the infusion of transfers onto this team means that many new players like Deshawn Corprew, Tariq Owens and hopefully Matt Mooney will already know what it’s like to play college basketball. Tech fans shouldn’t expect the same year as last season, but this will definitely be a NCAA tournament team.

As far as the ladies, don’t expect much from them in the next couple years. There’s not a lot of talent on this roster whatsoever, but I do think Marlene Stollings can do what Tubby Smith did with the men’s team. Smith made the men’s team competitive even though they were still losing and then by the third season he was able to get some victories once he matured the older players and brought in his own guys and made the NCAA tournament. Stollings is the same caliber of coach, she’s never been a championship level coach, but has always been successful. I think she can at least bring the Lady Raiders back to the Kristy Curry days.

Yes I am good, my wife didn’t leave me thank goodness (see the above answer).

Tim Tadlock never looks too upset, even when he’s arguing with the umpire and getting tossed from games, I always think to myself, “that was the most polite manager tossing I’ve ever seen.” Gibbs on the other hand, is one of those guys that’s so excited it’s scary.

Look at that exuberance, it’s awesome yet terrifying. I’d love to play for him but I’d ask coach just to give me a simple high-five. It is National High Five Day by the way.

This answer is easy, there’s no one more hipster than Jeramey Gililan. One day in the VTM Slack messaging group, I asked him questions and he nailed the quiz. He is undoubtedly a hipster. Most importantly, he denies being a hipster which is the most hipster thing you can do. go follow him on twitter @JerameyDane and look at him, doesn’t he have hipster written all over him?

Same time same place next time boys and girls. Like always, tell me how wrong I am in the comments, and leave anything else you’d like to add.