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The 2OT: Who will be the next starting quarterback for Texas Tech

The position may come down to whoever takes the most advantage of the summer workouts

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The thought.

The Red Raiders have finished spring ball and, much to the disappointment of fans, we seem to be no closer to finding a starting quarterback than before. In what has been the most fierce quarterback competition since Kingsbury’s first season, each candidate’s deficiencies seem to be more apparent than their strengths. However it’s way too early to write off the quarterback position. Summer workouts are when players improve the most and now is the time for someone to find the edge they need to win the job come August.

So who will the starting quarterback be? No matter what, someone will have to take snaps in September. Here are the candidates.

Mclane Carter

Mclane Carter was best remembered for his performance against Texas last year. He started strong in the first quarter but then the Longhorns made adjustments and Carter’s limited playbook hindered left hander. In the spring scrimmage, Carter moved the ball very effectively and had the only touchdown pass of the night.

Jett Duffey

Duffey was a highly touted quarterback recruit who was named Mr Texas Football his senior season at Mansfield Lakeridge High School. Last year he was suspended for a semester over a sexual assault charge. The charge was dropped, but the lost time cost Duffey a chance to potentially start last year. During the spring scrimmage Duffey was accurate and elusive in the backfield, but had an interception on a rookie mistake.

Alan Bowman

Bowman is a true freshman from Grapevine. Bowman was solid throughout spring practice and the spring scrimmage but took far less snaps than the other two, which could be a sign that he isn’t competing at Duffey and Carter’s level yet.

The take

Right off the bat I think we can rule Bowman out. While he’s a solid playmaker, He’s just not getting the snaps that a potential starter would be getting and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kingsbury redshirts him this season. That leaves Duffey and Carter. I said last season that Carter reminds me of a young Graham Harrell, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll be what Harrell became. Duffey has the most potential, but suffered from a year long suspension before last season which may have hindered his progression.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Texas John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

If the season started today, I’d say that Carter starts without a doubt. However a lot can happen during the summer workouts and I think Duffey has more untapped potential than Carter does and therefore a full summer in the program could be what he needs to pull away. Remember Duffey missed the last summer workout due to suspension and so this off season could definitely prove to be pivotal for the young gunslinger. If Duffey takes advantage of the opportunity that the summer provides, then Tech should have another playmaker at quarterback. We’ll have to wait and see if he takes advantage of the summer.

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