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Ask the Expert: Who is Seth Collins?

Our friends at Building The Dam answered a few questions about Seth Collins.

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Given that lack of proven playmakers at wide receiver this fall, the commitment of Seth Collins is huge for the program right now. To get an idea of what to expect, our friends at Building The Dam, the SB Nation site for Oregon State, agreed to answer a few questions on the latest commitment for the Red Raiders. The have their own take here, and they do an outstanding job with their own coverage of the Beavers. Toss them a follow if you were ever curious about Oregon State.

1. It seems like Seth Collins started at quarterback, but then moved to wide receiver. What was the story there?

He was a late add by then-new head coach Gary Andersen. Collins was slated to go to SJSU to play QB before Oregon State represented his first P5 opportunity at QB. He started as a true freshman and was pretty electric especially with his legs. One of the highlights of his QB days was him hurdling a Weber State defender in a non-conference game.

While he was electric with his feet, the passing game struggled with him at QB and following a mid-season injury that saw him miss a few games he returned for the Civil War vs Oregon as a WR. That game was probably my favorite Seth Collins game in Orange and Black. While he primarily lined up at WR he also saw some time in the backfield and as the WildCat QB. Oregon didn’t have much of an answer for him(unfortunately we didn’t have an answer for them either and they won). Following the season the coaching staff made his move to WR permanent, at which point he elected to transfer to a school that would play him at QB. He committed to Northern Illinois in the winter, before eventually deciding to stay at OSU and move to WR.

2. Everything I’ve seen online states he was regularly plagued by injuries, but he’s got immense talent. Is that more/less accurate?

He is freakishly athletic and a matchup nightmare when he is on the field, but sadly between injuries, a pair of illnesses and a suspension he didn’t see the field nearly as much as anyone in Beaver Nation would have liked.

3. What type of player is Texas Tech getting in Collins? Will he primarily line up outside, can he work out of the slot, and do you see him getting any sort of backfield work (as a running back)?

He lined up at both at OSU, but I think he is better in the slot personally. I hope for his and your sake they do have him line up in the backfield at times. I mentioned the 2015 Civil War where they lined him up everywhere. My biggest frustration with the Seth Collins era was the fact that the coaching staff never really seemed to do that again, I’m not sure why but if I was them I would have moved him around a lot more to keep defenses on their heels.

4. In not so ideal news, what’s the word on all the suspension chatter he was dealing with?

That whole thing was a weird deal. He was announced to be out with an undisclosed illness that saw him miss a large chunk of games to close out the 2017 season. Following the coaching turmoil, Collins elected to transfer after the season. Shortly after the transfer announcement, it was reported that he had been arrested for misdemeanor assault following an incident at a party during the season and had been suspended. It is not clear whether he would have been able to return during the season had he not been suspended, or if he had still been dealing with his undisclosed illness.

5. Typically, the fans close to the program have “opinions” on players before the leave the team. Overall, are Oregon State fans happy for Collins to move on? Or, did this loss hurt the program?

While I can’t speak for the rest of Beaver Nation, I feel like most are happy for him, I don’t think there is a whole lot of animosity toward him, but things never really seemed to click for him in Corvallis. I think a lot of that could be attributed to a coaching staff who lacked any direction on offense with a revolving door at QB and multiple shifts in offensive schemes. I think the loss hurts the program in the sense that you don’t want to lose one of your most athletic players and we never really got to see him reach his full potential in Corvallis.

6. Is there anything you’d add that Red Raider fans would want to know?

I don’t really have much to add, but I am excited to see what he can do in the Red Raider offense.

My Take - I rarely give a personal take on someones Q/As, because I like to leave it to the experts....but, in this particular case - I have some opinions. It seems that many in Beaver Nation were tantalized with the potential that Collins possessed, but were perpetually frustrated by his lack of usage, production, and injuries. This story sounded all to familiar, and reminded me of a recent Red Raider, specifically Derrick Willies. Despite all the physical skill in the world, he’s a fringe NFL Draft Prospect at best. I think we all need to exercise some caution with our optimism here. It’s entirely realistic that Collins finds his way into the starting lineup, and we get two great years from him. But, I think it’s important to have context into his history.

Nevertheless, this is still a coup for Red Raiders....Welcome to Texas Tech, Seth!