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Matador Mailbag: Is there anyone excited for football?

It seems like basketball is still on everyone’s mind.

Almost a week ago, we decided to put out a few polls to see what our readers enjoy. I personally, found it interesting that you all have put football on the back burner in the midst of spring practice. Last week in the mailbag, we talked about not lowering our expectations but it definitely seems like we’ve lowered our excitement. Spring football barely beat basketball, a team who’s season is over. That shows just how low the team is portrayed right now, there’s simply no excitement surrounding this team, hopefully we gain a reason to be excited soon.

On the other side, everyone is still hype over the best season in Texas Tech history and your questions show that so let’s dive right in.

Does it matter? Watching this past Saturday’s spring scrimmage, this is probably the least inspired I’ve ever been about the QB competition. Carter struggles throwing down the field and Duffey struggles throwing accurately. Bowman might actually be the most talented but he’s too young and makes dumb 18-year old mistakes also. My guess right now would be that Jett Duffey gets the nod come August but I won’t be surprised if someone take big strides over the summer (that someone being Bowman) and steals the job in the fall.

Our chances are decent. Duke will be a top five team going into the year and will have the decisive home court advantage, but Tech has already shown that they can play well in hostile environments. I expect it to be a close game and though as of right now I would expect a Blue Devil victory, Duke will be bolstering one of the youngest teams in the country. Tech may be able to use the little experience we have to overcome.

As far as being the associate head coach next year, look for coach Chris Beard to make promotions internally. He’s already promoted coach Brian Burg from Chief of Staff to assistant coach similar to when Sheryl Swoopes got promoted on the women’s side. The battle for associate head coach comes down to either Mark Adams or Al Pinkins. Adams is well known in west Texas as he’s been a head coach for years at Wayland Baptist, West Texas A&M and Howard College. Adams was also instrumental in Tech’s prowess defense this year and he’s the likely candidate to replace Ogden as second in charge. However if I was Beard, I’d promote Pinkins. Pinkins has become the recruiting savant that Ogden was known to be as he was influential in getting the commitment of Tariq Owens and he played a part in Khavon Moore’s recruitment. Also unlike Adams, Pinkins is becoming a hot up-and-coming coach, you want to be able to lock that down to where the only place he can go would be his first head coaching job.

I’m not sure if “mattress” is actually your name but you sir hit it right on the head (in a peculiar way). Should Zhaire stay to polish his game? of course he should. Should he stay and leave behind millions of dollars? Not a chance in hell. Zhaire Smith is due to make anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 million dollars next year due to his current projections. I don’t think there’s a person alive that would choose being broke for another year over making millions.

If you have to constantly tell people you’re funny then you automatically are not funny so that takes out Andy Eason, I’d have to say the funniest is probably Jay Burrous, he’s usually good at cracking me up anyway.

Again make sure to check out our new Instagram @Vivathematadors. For those I was not able to get to, pocket your questions and ask them again next week. Make sure to comment below and tell me just how wrong I am.