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Mychealon Thomas set to make his mark in the NFL

We broke down former Texas Tech defensive tackle Mychealon Thomas’ potential in the NFL.

NCAA Football: Texas at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2018 NFL Draft just days away, we are analyzing defensive tackle Mychealon Thomas and how his talent can translate to the next level.

As the spotlight is centered on several Red Raiders making their way into the NFL, the pressure is on for these young men to show what they’re made of.

Most former Texas Tech athletes-turned pro are wide receivers, so the question remains- who can benefit an NFL franchise from the defensive side? One talented defensive tackle that sticks out is Mychealon Thomas. His ability to intercept the ball and tackle on whim makes him a valuable asset to any franchise.

Film breakdown

When it comes to Thomas, there is a lot to analyze. His senior season stats helped the Red Raider defense to elevate its execution to get the ball back to Tech’s offense. His Pro Day results weren't bad for a 6’3”, 320-pound tackle either.

Thomas ran a 5.25 in the 40-yard dash, registered a 25.5 vertical, and executed 29 reps in the 225lb bench press. So for a guy his size, what he showed at Pro Day should have NFL scouts looking at him.

And lets not forget in his senior season, Thomas was in the top-ten for solo tackles alone for Tech. With that being said, this guy has the talent to make a NFL team’s defensive unit much stronger.

NFL comparison

When thinking of who Thomas compares to, one name came to mind. Former Texas defensive tackle Paul Boyette Jr. who was drafted to the Denver Broncos in the 2017 NFL Draft.

With Boyette standing at 6’3’, 317 pounds, both defensive tackles mimic each other in size and strength. In Boyette’s and Thomas’ final season at the college football level, the two mimicked each other in their ability to register double digits in solo tackles and force fumbles.

In each of their Pro Day outings, they both registered 29 reps on the 225lb bench press and were inches away from each other in the vertical jump. Now, lets compare the two regarding their senior season stats.

  • Paul Boyette Jr’s senior season- 34 total tackles, 21 solo tackles, 2 sacks and 1 forced fumble.
  • Mychealon Thomas’ senior season- 41 total tackles, 25 solo tackles, 1 sack, and 1 interception.

It’s obvious that Thomas showed out even more than Boyette in his final season. The former Red Raider could definitely generate his aggressiveness to any defensive unit in the NFL.

Possible landing spots

Chicago Bears

Chicago is in desperate need of a solid defensive tackle that can come right out of college and dominate at the next level. Last season, the Bears allowed more rushing yards than any other NFL team. Now, lets insert Thomas.

Chicago does have an assets similar to Thomas who took over on defense during the 2017 season. Defensive end Akiem Hicks and linebacker Leonard Floyd were phenomenal in registering sack as Hicks had 8.5 and Floyd had 4.5.

Even with their talent in Hicks and Floyd, the Bears need to revamp their defensive side and put the pieces together to stop the opponents run game. With five picks in the upcoming 2018 NFL Draft, it wouldn't be surprising if Chicago takes this talented defensive tackle in either the fifth or six rounds.

New England Patriots

Like with time, everything ages and burns out. Especially when you compete in such a physical sport. Yes, the Patriots were one win away from grabbing the 2017 NFL title, but some of their best defensive assets are hitting the age of 30 and it’s time to reevaluate where they go from here.

Two of New England’s starting defensive tackles are 30 years old and coming off prior season injuries. This doesn't look good for the Patriots. And with how determined Bill Belichick is to win, he’ll definitely be looking for younger, stronger talents.

With the Patriots having eight picks in the upcoming draft, it’s obvious defense will be their priority. In fact, this team is so set on another title run that they could snag Thomas the third round. Either way, the Patriots need help on the defensive side and Thomas can add just that to an already winning NFL franchise.

Houston Texans

Like I said in a previous draft profile regarding former Tech defensive end Zach Barnes, Houston needs defensive help. With J.J. Watt being injured last season, the Texans were in a close race with the Bears in allowing their opponents to run through the gaps.

The entire defensive line crumbled with Watt’s absence and showed they need a star to help get the Texans to playoff caliber.

Hopefully, Watt will be healthy in the upcoming season and regenerate some momentum to Houston's defense. But, we all know this wasn't his first injured season and it probably wont be his last.

Add Thomas’ speed and strength to the Texans defense and opponents wont be able to execute their run game. With eight picks in this years draft, Houston would be sorry to pass up on the native Texan who knows how to execute when the pressure is on.