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Cameron Batson: An instant home run threat for any NFL team that drafts him

Despite unreal speed, consistent performance, and a high football IQ - Cam “The Batsman” Batson isn’t a lock to be drafted.

NCAA Football: Texas Tech at Baylor Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

April is in full swing, and that reminds us that we’re weeks away from the 2018 NFL Draft. We’re fortunate to have several Red Raiders under consideration this year, and one of them is my personal favorite, Cam Batson.

We’ve heard all the stories: high school valedictorian, 3x All Big-12 Academic Team, cousin of Tramain Swindall, beater of the Texas Longhorns, and stories that he was the 3-time fastest player on the team (over Jakeem Grant!!). But, what we haven’t heard is Batson as a lock to be drafted.

That said, teams should take notice of the other Texas Tech slot wide receiver not named Keke Coutee. The NFL today places a premium on players with versatility. Well, Cam returned kicks, punts, rushed the ball on jet sweeps, and was a reliable target for several Tech quarterbacks. Notably, Patrick Mahomes, Nic Shimonek, and Davis Webb.

Film Breakdown

At 5’9” and 173 pounds, Batson profiles as a slot receiver in the NFL, which is exactly what he did as a Red Raider. NFL playbooks have a reputation of being extremely sophisticated, but that should pose little issue to someone as intelligence as Batson. At the Texas Tech Pro Day, Batson ran as low as a 4.32 40-yard dash, a 3.98 shuttle, and mind numbing 39 inch vertical that assuages some of the concern regarding Batson’s stature.

As we can see against Arizona State, Batson posses elite agility.

Against Oklahoma he demonstrates the ability to make plays in traffic.

And, lest we forget....

Film Breakdown

I don’t think anyone in Lubbock doubts Batson’s ability to make the most of his opportunity in the NFL. I think many people, including myself, feel like Batson was under utilized due to Jakeem Grant and Keke Coutee being some of the best to play in the Jones. Nevertheless, I think due to measurables and production, it’s realistic that Batson is a late round selection, or a priority Undrafted Free Agent. The NFL values elite athleticism and intelligence, and a guy like Cam Batson has an abundance of those intangibles.