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Join the 2018 Viva the Matadors Bracket Challenge!

Are you an expert prognosticator? Even if you’re not, you can join the VTM Bracket Challenge and try to claim this year’s bragging rights.


As the Red Raiders wrap up Big 12 Tournament play, we’re going to look ahead to the NCAA Tournament a little. As we have in years past, we have set up a Viva the Matadors group for our NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge.

This year, we’ll be using the NCAA website to fill out our brackets.

If you think you have what it takes to claim bragging rights this year, head over to the NCAA website and sign up now! Unfortunately, there are no prizes other than bragging rights, but, hey, it’s also free to join!

Our group is a public group, so you don’t have to worry about group IDs or passwords. All Viva the Matadors members are welcome to participate! The usual VTM community guidelines apply and anyone violating them or trolling will be removed from the contest without notice.

You won’t be able to start adding your picks until after the seedings are announced on on Sunday. But, you can get signed up today and add your picks then. Just be sure to make your picks by the time the Tournament starts on Thursday because once it starts all picks will be locked.

Good luck!