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HIGHLIGHTS: No. 14 Texas Tech - Texas 73-69

Let’s watch again how the Red Raiders handled the Longhorns to reach the Big 12 Tournament semifinals

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament-Texas Tech v Texas Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech’s adventure in Kansas City began in the proper way, as the Red Raiders defeated Texas on Thursday, 73-69 the final score, qualifying for the tournament semifinal. After a fast start (unusual in the recent past), coach Beard’s guys allowed Texas to get close in the second half, but they won the game with a solid final part of the game.

The Red Raiders will challenge West Virginia, that easily handled Baylor, for a spot in the tournament’s final, while on the other side Kansas will face Kansas State. In case of victory, this will be the first Texas Tech’s appearance in the final since 2005.

Senior Keenan Evans showed he completely recovered from the toe injury that benched him for a couple of games, scoring 25 points and leading the teams in many key moments, while freshman Jarrett Culver had team-high 11 rebounds.

Here there are the highlights of the game: