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The 2OT: It's time to add New Mexico to the Big 12

Discussing the benifits to adding New Mexico to the Big 12 because... Why not?

NCAA Football: New Mexico at San Diego State Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The thought

It sounds ridiculous, but we all know I’m just saying what everyone is thinking. It’s time to add New Mexico to the Big 12. Ok, so maybe not everyone (or anyone for that matter) is thinking that, but it might not be as crazy an idea as it sounds.

You might not know this because, like most Texas Tech fans, you probably forget that the University of New Mexico exists, but over in Albuquerque, Texas Tech is considered a huge rival. It’s not a joke either. I’ve heard both players and coaches of various sports in New Mexico comment about how “if the only team New Mexico beat was Texas Tech, then it would be considered a successful season”. When these two teams meet it’s like the Super Bowl for the Lobos. The hate runs as deep as Gus Fring’s hate for Hector Salamanca (we’re talking about Albuquerque, I can’t help myself).

In a way it makes sense. The close proximity to the two schools means that Texas Tech is one of a hand full of power five teams that the Lobos play consistently despite being in the Mountain West Conference. Texas Tech therefore is the one chance the Lobos have to record a signature win before facing a mediocre conference schedule. The fact that the state of New Mexico might as well just be a giant suburb of Lubbock may have also fueled some animosity for the Lobo faithful.

While the level of hate that comes from Albuquerque is perplexing, it did get me thinking about how much fun a rivalry like this could be. So let’s bring them aboard.

It’s time for the Big 12 to add New Mexico.

The take

Realistically, I’d say New Mexico joining the Big 12 is about as likely as Saul Goodman becoming an honest attorney (sorry that’s my last reference). It’s not as crazy of an idea as it sounds.

Here’s why the move would make sense.

Geographically, Albuquerque is closer to the Big 12 area than West Virginia, as well as Cincinnati, BYU and most of the other potential Big 12 candidates not named Houston.

The move would give the Big 12 a foot in potential a PAC 12 recruiting area.

Albuquerque is actually a decently sized market (559,277 people) and with New Mexico becoming the only Power Five school in the state, you potentially capture the entire the entire state of New Mexico (2.08 million).

Unlike Houston, these potential viewers aren’t already watching the Big 12.

New Mexico isn’t that bad of a program. Football hasn’t been anything to write home about but the basketball program had been historically good as the Lobos have made the tournament four times in the last eight seasons. Baseball is steadily improving and entrance to a power five could boost their athletics programs to the next level.

NCAA Basketball: New Mexico at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously this will probably never happen. New Mexico isn’t a flashy enough program for the powers that be and no program in their right mind will come anywhere near the Big 12 and the Longhorn network. I for one see it as a great fit and a chance to create a fun rivalry for the Red Raiders. Not to mention Los Pollos Hermonos could become a great sponsor for the Big 12. (Ok that really was the last one)


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