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Red Raiders open with 4:1 odds to win Big 12 tournament

Hmm...that ratio looks oddly familiar.


The oddsmakers at Bovada have released some very interesting numbers regarding conference tournaments, and who has the best chance to win them.

In the Big 1 2, it should come as no surprise Vegas favors the Kansas Jayhawks to cut down the nets. Bovada gave Bill Self’s squad 2:1 odds, which says while the oddsmakers believe the Jayhawks will win the tournament, they’re not as confident as they are in Villanova winning the Big East (5:6), Duke winning the ACC (7:4), or Arizona winning the PAC-12 (7:4).

Following Kansas is West Virginia at 13:4, and then your Red Raiders at 4:1.

4 to 1...why does that look so familiar? Oh, maybe this will help explain it.

Check out the full list of odds below:


How confident are you Tech can win the tournament?

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  • 17%
    No doubt in my mind.
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  • 78%
    It’s going to be tough, but doable.
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  • 4%
    I don’t see it happening, but it doesn’t matter.
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